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butterGold Ride May 1st 2016


Product Description

BIKES. FUN. FOOD. BEVERAGE. You know you want it. 

On May 1st. 2016 Butter is putting on the fourth annual ButterGold ride, celebrating the majesty of the Belgian classics with bikes, beer, food and friends. If you’re reading this it’s because we want you to join us. butterGOLD is a 157km (97.7 mile) course civilisée (butter-speak for a gentlemen’s ride) and will rumble to the north and east of Boulder, hitting all the best back-roads and dirt-roads. Sadly there will be some pavement between the fun bits.

Once again we will be instituting the staggered start/ handicap format. Groups will roll out on 15 minute intervals from 9am to 10 am so each rider can pick their poison; roll out early and take it easy with the laughing group, wait for the last group if you want to hammer, or choose from two other groups somewhere in between.  The plan is for the faster groups to eventually catch the slow-and-steady gang so everything comes together in the closing stages of the ride and we can roll in en-mass

The object of the game is for the groups to keep it together. If someone flats or has a mechanical don’t just leave them out there, that’s not how we roll at butter. We will assign four group leaders to help manage the mayhem.

General info

This is an invite-only/friends of friends ride due to space, pace, and liability but feel free to pass on the invitation link. If you would like to get a group together or think someone you know might be into it clue them in so they can sign up. We will cap the number of entries and it fills up quick so don’t dally.

Pre-registration/RSVP only.

ButterGold is a USAC sanctioned and insured 'non-competitive training ride', you must be a current USAC member or purchase a one-day license to be covered and you must sign a waiver. 

Location: Butter's new country estate and cyclocross extravaganza, 6152 Hygiene Rd, Longmont, CO  80503

Course: 100-ish miles, 60% dirt 40% pavement. Short cuts and rest/resupply stops are indicated on the maps. 

Garmin/ computer ready maps including all the short-cuts: Coming soon!!  

If you have a Garmin or other device that can show you a map to follow just load it up and follow the little line. The map is generated on ridewithgps.com, we will provide a link to the course map that can be loaded into the ridewithgps free app on a smartphone.


On the topic of the $50 price tag Look at it this way; if you go race it costs up to fifty bucks, and all you get is an ass-whoopin' and if you're lucky some bar tape. When you roll with us we'll feed you, take you on an epic ride, take care of you and entertain you and then when we're done we'll load you up again with food and beer, slap you on the ass and send you home. As always Butter will donate every leftover dollar to charity, this year it's local high school mountain bike leauges. 



7:30am: Doors open. Come in, relax, eat a little, caffienate, watch bike racing. Pre-ride starch and stimulants will be served: doughnuts + pastries + coffee

We'll be screening some of the highlights of 2016 classics season to get everyone in the mood. 

Come half kitted-up, there is limited space for changing.

You can leave post-ride clothing/gear at the studio, it will be secure until we return.

 8:50: Robson’s pep talk and safety review. It’s kinda like the pre-flight safety demonstration that the airlines do. It’s all shit you’ve heard before but I gotta say it again.


butterGOLD Ride

9am: First group rolls out, 10am Last group rolls out. Choose whichever group sounds like a good fit for you and you can change your mind any time. 


The 9:00am group will be the lanterne rouge in reverse, rolling out nice and steady with an anticipated average speed of 14-16mph. If you're sure you can do 100 miles but not sure how fast, this is your gang.

The 9:20 group will be a bit faster, keeping a steady pace and probably averaging 15-17mph. If you have some race experience and like how Greg Keller looks in lycra(we know we do!), roll with this group.
9:40, slightly faster again will be  closer to 17 or 18mph and keeping a good clip to prevent getting mobbed by the 10am group. Pete Webber will likely be your group leader and he runs a tight ship.
10am is the last group, anticipated pace is 18+mph. Although there will be some heavy hitters in this group the ride is not a race and the pace will be brisk but consistent. Butter's own Michael Robson will be at the reins for this gang but prefers to manage from the back.
As noted above ButterGold is not a race, the object of the game is to have a kick-ass day, ride together, laugh, take pictures and enjoy some great food and drinks before and after the ride. And if we're lucky we'll raise a ton of cash for the High School Mountain Bike League.


Rest/resupply stops at mile 35.5 and 59 . Ride food, leftover doughnuts, Skratch, portables and water available. 


Recommended equipment:

  • Road or CX bike with 28-32mm tires
  • Lower pressures(50-70psi) for soaking up the bumps
  • 28mm is probably the thinnest you can get away with, 32mm road or gravel grinder tires are ideal. 

The ride will be SELF-SUPPORTED - We will provide some support, including a couple of rest/refuel stops but prepare as if you're doing it all on your own.  All riders must have their own spares, additional clothing, rain cape, pump etc. If you sign up for this butterGOLD make sure you are able to complete the course and bring everything you need to pull it off.

Absolutely all road rules apply, groups will ride safely and predictably. That said, we might roll a stop sign or two in the middle of nowhere.

If you happen to get dropped and the bastards don't wait you have two options:  Take a shortcut and try to catch up or wait for the next group and jump in.



Food and beverages will be served, stay as long as you like, if you’re still in the studio when the sun goes down we’ll drive you home. Last year ButterGold achieved a level of epicness previously unheard-of in any cycling circles. Even so we were all smiles and blissfully exhuasted at the end. 



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