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The butterHour

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In what has been branded equally as total genius and suicidally ridiculous, butter announced plans this week that their premiere test rider, Franceso Assagrade will make an assault on the World Hour Record this Sunday, June 7th at 7:30pm MST. For the attempt Assagrande will be riding a Boulder B-Cycle. Although better suited to fetching groceries and getting home from parties, butter's testing lab settled on the choice of the Boulder B-Cycle due to it's comfortable but optimal riding position, handy front basket and fetching red, white and blue color scheme. butterLabs also cited the fact that red cars get pulled over for speeding more often, making the primarily red Boulder B-Cycle obviously faster than an all-black TT bike. 

In an official statement on Saturday Assagrande stated that one way or the other a record is going down " I'm either going to ride for 60 minutes or complete 54 kilometers, whichever comes first." 

This week testing continues with the selection of fabrics and colors for Assagrande's suit. Initially butterLabs was leaning towards a lovely taupe three button number but it is now thought that this color will highlight unsightly sweat marks. 

The butterHour will be hosted by the Boulder Valley Velodrome, spectators welcome. Gates open at 7pm, bring a picnic dinner and something to drink and watch the show!

Butter would like to thank the wonderful assistance of Boulder B-CycleBoulder Valley Velodrome and People for Bikes.

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