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Announcing the World's First Thru-Axle Chain Keeper

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We’re super excited to announce the b1’s newest cohort-in-crime, toolbox chum and closest ally, the b2. We saw success in our inaugural b1 model, heard your calls for a thru-axle model, and now introduce the b2 for the mtb and cyclocross mechanic’s toolkit.

It’s the first-of-its-kind chain holder for Shimano or Syntace/DT 12mm through-axle bike systems. No other company in this gorgeous world offers such a tool. Why? Because axle standards are far from standardized and no one took on the challenge to create a universally adaptable chain keeper. We did and we figured it out.

Rear axle thread positions are an ever-changing bulls-eye; bike manufacturers often change axle thread position between bike models within their own brands. It’s a bit of a cluster if you ask us. But while the length varies, the diameter of the axles are typically 12mm, creating a conundrum for bike tool brands to produce one product that can be used universally.Butter configured the b2 to take advantage of the 12mm axle diameter so that it locks in place regardless of thread position. Dog Ear Technology© orients the tool’s position and locks the b2 into the dropout to automatically prevent spin. Slide it into the axle dropout, twist, and it’s locked and loaded.

Designed to be sleek, unobtrusive, and provide easy access to the rear end of the bike, the tool is made precision-machined from the finest materials available. The tool can be applied with one hand and is intuitive to those who know their way around a bike.

It’s perfect.

Happy birthday, b2.

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